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Battery Health: Looking After Your E-Bike

If you’ve just bought your first E-Bike or you’re thinking about taking the plunge, you might have some questions about how to keep it in tip-top condition. To ensure you get the most out of your new ride, we’ve assembled some valuable tips, tricks & info that will help you keep your E-Bike's battery stay healthy for longer.

What Is A Charge Cycle?

Most batteries come with a warranty based on the number of charge cycles. A single charge cycle refers to charging the battery from 0% to 100%, but charging it 25% four times also counts as one cycle – this means that you’ll always have the same amount of charge cycles as the next person, regardless of how you charge your battery.

Charging Best Practices

Avoid The Extremes

While you can charge your battery from any level, to get the most out of your battery it's best to avoid charging it to 100% or letting it completely deplete. Charging your battery to around 85-90% puts significantly less strain on it compared to a full charge. Similarly, depleting the battery to 10-20% before recharging is better than letting it drop to 0%.


Allow The Battery To Settle

After your ride, it might be tempting to charge the battery straight away. However, letting the battery's cells settle for a while first will do it a world of good. Going straight from depletion to charging can strain the battery, so take a short break, enjoy a coffee or treat yourself to a snack before plugging in your E-Bike!


Avoid Overcharging

Charging your battery can take time, and it's easy to forget about it once it’s plugged in. Keeping the battery to 100% for a prolonged period can add unnecessary stress to the cells, and it’s generally advised to avoid leaving an electrical item on charge for days or weeks regardless. Once plugged in, it’s worth setting an alarm or a reminder on your phone.

Storage Tips

Optimal Temperature

Batteries perform best when stored at room temperature. Maintaining a temperature range of 20-22°C (68-72°F) is ideal. Avoid storing the battery in extreme temperature conditions, such as outside or under direct sunlight.


Remove The Battery During Transport

When transporting your E-Bike, it's essential to remove the battery. The last thing you want is for the battery to come loose or get damaged during the journey, so doing this will give you peace of mind! Remember to cover the battery port on the bike if the weather is unpredictable to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.


Long-Term Storage

If you know you won't be riding your E-Bike for a while, it's best to remove the battery from the frame and store it separately. During storage, avoid leaving the battery fully depleted or fully charged. Maintaining a charge level of around 50-60% will help keep your battery healthy while it's not in use.

Cleaning Tips

Little & Often

Cycling inevitably leads to dirt and dust, especially in our notoriously temperamental condition! Regularly wiping down your battery will reduce the need for servicing or replacements in the future. Most modern battery packs are waterproof rated, making them capable of withstanding moisture, so don't hesitate to use a damp cloth to remove any grime. However, we’d recommend avoiding pressure washers, especially on the battery, as they can cause damage if used without caution.

Introduction to the Bosch Battery Management System (BMS)

Many of our bikes here at Torque Electric are equipped with a Bosch class-leading battery & motor systems, which feature some super smart tech to ensure your E-Bike stays as healthy and as safe as possible. 

Every Bosch battery features their Battery Management System (BMS). Bosch’s BMS ensures optimal charging, discharging, and overall performance of the battery. It monitors various parameters such as temperature, voltage, and current to protect the battery from overcharging, overheating, and other potential risks. With its advanced features and algorithms, the Bosch BMS plays a crucial role in maximising the lifespan and efficiency of your E-Bike’s battery – and best of all, you don’t even have to think about it!

Got more questions about how to look after your E-Bike? Don’t hesitate to head in-store, we’re always happy to help! For more guides & advice, click here. To check out our range of E-Bikes, click here.

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