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Introducing Black Bikes

At Torque Electric we take pride in offering only the best brands that we genuinely believe in. As a bike brand that believes in quality, well-specced products at a sensible price, we knew that Black Bikes were the perfect fit for our store from the start! Hailing all the way from New Zealand, they're also starting to make a name for themselves worldwide, and with our store owner Kathee also originally from New Zealand, Black Bikes are close to our hearts. We’re proud to say that Torque Electric is the exclusive retailer of Black Bikes in the UK!

Who Are Black Bikes?

Though a relatively new brand, the team behind Black Bikes boasts a wealth of experience in the E-Bike industry. Years of working with E-Bikes has given the team at Black Bikes an in-depth understanding of what works (and what doesn’t!) on an electric bike, and their dedication to versatility, performance, and value sets them apart. Built and specced to last, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a range of E-Bikes that are better value than these.

Established in New Zealand, they’ve already made a name for themselves as the go-to quality E-Bikes brand, stocked in retailers across both islands and are quickly becoming more popular in other parts of the world like the UK.

The Range

Our range of Black Bikes covers all bases, whether you’re looking for a reliable daily commuter, something to complete the weekly shop with or an E-Bike that’ll unlock all kinds of off-road adventures. Let’s take a closer look at the bikes:


Black ATB (H & L)

ATB stands for 'all terrain bike,' which means the Black ATB is made for tackling a variety of terrain without compromising on comfort, and it doesn’t disappoint! Equipped with a mid-drive motor, this setup provides the smoothest power transfer for a natural ride feel, and placing the motor and battery centrally makes for a well-balanced weight distribution for stability and control. With 63Nm of torque at its disposal and 5 levels of assist to suit any terrain or ride distance, this bike is an adventurer's dream.

You have two variants to choose from:

L = Low Step Frame Design: this option makes mounting and dismounting super easy. If you’re often on and off the bike or don’t have a full range of motion and struggle with traditionally designed bikes, this design is incredibly convenient.

H = High Top Tube: if you don’t require the easier mounting/dismounting the low-step provides, the high top tube design provides more storage space within the main triangle for a frame bag. It will also perform slightly better for those looking to inject some more pace into their riding due to increased frame stiffness.

The Black ATB also features a 9-speed Shimano gear system, ensuring reliability and a wide range for conquering steep hills. Tektro hydraulic disc brakes offer maximum stopping power and smooth modulation whatever the weather, while the Suntour XCM ATB Suspension fork soaks up lumps and bumps for a smooth and controlled ride. To top it off, 27.5-inch wheels provide the perfect balance of speed, stability, and control on mixed terrain.


Black City

Designed to be the ultimate city runaround, the Black City is perfect for commuting, running errands, or doing the weekly shop. Its low step frame design makes mounting and dismounting a breeze, catering to riders of varying heights.

Powered by an X2 rear hub motor with 5 levels of assist, the Black City ensures you have the right amount of power for your around-town adventures. The 7-speed Shimano gearing and Tektro mechanical disc brakes are reliable, robust, and easy to maintain, while the Suntour NEX suspension fork soaks up holes and bumps in the road for a comfortable ride, and is more than capable of tackling off-road detours.

With a pannier rack & mudguards included, you're always ready to ride, no matter the weather. The 26-inch wheels make this E-Bike nimble and agile, perfect for navigating busy city streets while maintaining stability and speed.


Black Trail

For those who love to venture off the beaten track, the Black Trail is the perfect companion. This versatile hybrid E-Bike is geared towards off-road adventures, ideal for bridleways and bike paths or exploring your local trails.

Like the Black City, it's equipped with an X2 rear hub motor and 5 levels of assist, allowing you to easily adjust for any terrain or ride duration. However, the Black Trail also comes equipped with the Suntour XCM suspension fork, boasting 100mm of travel to soak up trail chatter and ensure a smooth ride on rough trails. Shimano 7-speed gearing is fast and reliable, combined with Tektro mechanical disc brakes to provide excellent stopping power for more technical descents.

The 27.5x2.25” Hutchinson Taipan tyres strike the ideal balance between speed and agility, making the Black Trail a perfect choice for mixed-terrain riding.

Our Black Bikes SALE is now on. Grab yourself a bargain and save up to 29% – explore our range online or in-store.


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