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More Ways To Pay

Electric bikes open up a whole raft of opportunities, but there's no getting away from the fact that the initial cost can be high. Luckily, there are a few ways to make this step easier. We accept all Cycle To Work schemes including Cyclescheme, Bike2Work, Green Commute and GoGeta vouchers as part of the government-backed Cycle To Work tax benefit program. We also offer Klarna finance as a way of spreading the cost over 3 monthly payments.

If you have any questions regarding cycle schemes or you do not see your scheme mentioned here, speak to one of our specialists about how to process your cycle to work voucher!

Cycle to Work FAQs

How do the Schemes work?

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Cycle to work schemes provide a way for your employer to buy an electric bike for you, and charge you back a hire fee each month for that bike. This charge comes from your gross (i.e. pre tax/NI) salary rather than coming out of your take home salary. You save money this way because some of your gross salary is “sacrificed” to pay for the bike, and you pay less tax and NI on a now reduced gross salary as a result.

How much might I save on the purchase cost of an eBike?

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Savings to you can vary depending on the level of tax you pay on your salary. From April 2024, basic rate taxpayers save 28%, higher rate payers 42% and additional rate taxpayers, 47%.

What is the maximum voucher limit?

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A maximum voucher limit for eBike + accessories depends on your employer who will have agreed a limit with their cycle to work scheme provider. Please contact your employer’s HR team for more information.

Then what happens?

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You will then choose an eBike and any accessories you need including helmets, clothing, lights and locks from Torque Electric. We provide you with a total price for the eBike and accessories, and then you will request a voucher to that exact amount from your employer, through their chosen scheme provider. When you receive the voucher you use it in-store to pay for the eBike and accessories.

Can I “top up” the voucher if the value of the eBike and accessories are higher than the value of the voucher I can get?

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No this is not possible as it contravenes the terms of the cycle to work schemes. In simple terms, it confuses ownership of the products between you and your employer. It is your employer who is buying the products and hiring them back to you.

Can I use a voucher to buy a sale or clearance e-bike?

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Yes but you will need to pay us an additional amount to cover the commission charge we will be charged on the eBike. This will normally be in the region of +10%, and can be included in the value of your voucher. We will discuss the specifics of any additional costs with you for maximum transparency.  If an eBike is heavily reduced in price, you may find paying on cash to be a cheaper and/or more convenient option.

More information

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Here are some links to some of the Cycle to work scheme providers we are a part of. If your scheme is not mentioned on our website please get in contact with the team at Torque Electric and we can discuss this further.


This government-backed scheme is designed to get as many people riding as possible – and that includes electric bikes! You can save 25 - 39% depending on your income tax rate, employer and the price of your new e-bike.

Calculate Your Savings

Bike2Work Scheme

Bike2Work Scheme is a free employee benefit approved by the government, designed to get more people cycling to work and living healthier lives.

Save up to 48.25% on a new bike!

Register with Bike2Work today. Choose a bike or equipment at discounted prices. Spread the cost and enjoy a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Find out more

Green Commute Initiative

Green Commute Initiative is a Social Enterprise with a vision to get commuters out of cars and on to any kind of bike, with the dual purpose of improving both the individual’s health and wellbeing, as well as reducing the environmental impact of pollution and congestion from cars.  We do this through our cycle to work scheme.

One of the cool things about GCI is that you are not restricted by the normal £1,000 limit of other cycle to work schemes.  That’s right, no limits!

E-bikes are great for commuting as you can cycle in your business clobber and not get all hot and bothered.  What’s more, you’ll turn up to work on time, feeling energised and not stressed from the commute.  As a cycle to work salary sacrifice scheme, you could save up to 47%* on the price of a bike.  And as the industry’s leading scheme, we don’t charge exit fees.  How refreshing!

Explore the Green Commute Scheme
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